A blog post in which I make a list of exciting things

So, Beautiful People, I decided to make a list of little things that made me happy today. I am the kind of person that gets excited over pretty much nothing, but being this way makes everything that much more special! Here’s a list of my funsies from today:

Exciting Thing #1: Exercising out in this crisp, cold weather. Aren’t these trees delightfully creepy looking?


Exciting Thing #2: I actually have time to play songs on my ukelele. Over the Rainbow is still my fav.

Exciting Thing #3: My Gatsby sweatshirt. It also happens to be my favorite color. Yay!

photo 2

Exciting Thing #4: Now that the school semester is over, I can just read for fun. Here’s a lighthearted book about a girl in college by Rainbow Rowell.

photo 1

Exciting Thing #5: Learning this ridiculous opera for next semester. The joy (and curse) of being a music major is that you can never get away from homework!


Exciting Thing #6: Working. Thankful to make money over break!

Exciting Thing #7: Dinner out with the fam fam.

Exciting Thing #8: Window shopping at Christmastime.


Exciting Thing #9: Blogging for my Beautiful People. DUH.

I hope you are enjoying the special, little things this holiday season. Let me know what fun adventures you are up to in the comment section below!

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