A blog post in which I applaud stories

Today I want to applaud. Stories, that is. Stories that made an impact on me growing up or later on in my life. Stories that have etched their words on my heart in some way and refused to leave. Stories that have “never let me go”.

(Sorry…I had to insert that cheesiness). COULDN’T RESIST.

There are so many fantastic books I could mention, Beautiful People. But I promise to only list a few. 🙂

~ Anne of Green Gables ~ To me, though the story is so lovely in many ways, I felt that it was about the beauty of a girl’s vast imagination and witty intelligence. In Anne, I always saw a little bit of myself. Actually, a lot of myself. And I wanted to be just like her.


~The Witch of Blackbird Pond ~ This may seem like a random choice, but I absolutely loved this book growing up. The story is compelling, and the characters are really interesting. It was one I enjoyed re-reading many times, and it drew me into the world that it presented. A wonderful piece of historical fiction.


~ Ella Enchanted ~ This book is so clever and witty and just reinforced my love for fantasy literature all the more. I love that it features a strong and independent heroine. Also, I really like that Ella and Prince Char are friends before falling in love, rather than a love-at-first-sight situation.


~ The Diary of Anne Frank ~ I know that everything I listed so far is a work of fiction and that this is a nonfiction book. Yet the feeling I had when I finished reading this wonderfully written and heartbreaking diary is a difficult one to describe. I felt that I knew Anne Frank as a person because her words were so honest and her voice so real.

anne frank

~ The Chronicles of Narnia ~ For years I think I secretly hoped that the wardrobe in my bedroom would turn into a magical doorway leading to a wondrous world. This series is fantastic, though I don’t consider all of the books to be on the same level. C.S. Lewis gives wonderful insight on life and faith by weaving together these fantastical stories. The idea of living in the Shadowlands is one, in particular, that will stick with me for life.


~ Never Let Me Go ~ I know I’ve mentioned this book before. But it truly is my favorite book. It’s raw and real and honest in a way many books aren’t. It isn’t melodramatic, and its most impactful moments are quiet ones, almost imperceptible ones. But life’s that way isn’t it? Beautiful in all its glorious subtlety.

never let me go





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