A blog post in which I beg

I want to ask my Beautiful People something. Something very important. No… more like beg you. Because there are so many life things that really matter. And I want to remind you of that, encourage you in that.

Don’t settle.

I know when people talk about “settling,” they are often referring to relationships. And so, yes, you need to hold high standards for the person you’re dating and also for yourself. But I genuinely believe people are willing to settle in numerous areas of life, not merely relationships. Why? Because it’s the easy choice. The safe choice. The “I-think-it’s-the-only-choice”. Oh my Beautiful People. It’s not. I promise you. I know this world can be a terrifying place at times. But don’t miss the beauty amidst the shadows. It’s there. I know it is. I KNOW it is.

What do you want to do with your one life? Be? Are you striving to meet those goals? Do you simply wish to be a better person or are you actually taking steps to be a better person? Are you full of words alone, or also actions? If you feel like you are wasting your life, accomplishing nothing, are nothing, why do you feel that way? Why. Why?

I understand those feelings. I have days where I may sink into those questions and feel like God is far away and I am alone.

Guess what those thoughts are called? Lies.

I don’t have all the answers, and I never will. By God’s incredible grace, I am on this strange and wondrous journey we call life and trying to understand more about it and my own self. When I’m asking you not to settle in your life, it’s not a pride thing. It’s not a “I’m-so-good-and-great-and-so-much-is-beneath-me” thing. It’s a “I-want-to-strive-to-be-the-best-that-I-can-be-and-do-in-all-areas-of-my-life” thing.

Why wouldn’t you want that? Why shouldn’t you strive for that?

That’s what it should always have been, what it should always come back to, what it should always be in the days to come.

Oh, Darlings, I love you. ❤ Please don’t be afraid. Please, stop being afraid and never just travel through life. LIVE life.

Live, live, live.


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