A blog post in which I state some writer “no’s”

Well, Beautiful People, today is another “writer” post day. As writers, we can often find ourselves doing things that we know we shouldn’t do in our stories…like the following…

~ Cutting scenes ~ In some of my works, there have been scenes that I have created that I absolutely LOVED, but they did nothing to aid the story in any way. I was emotionally attached to said scenes and didn’t want to let them go. But sometimes you have to. Keep them for your own self, but realize that sometimes good scenes – even great ones – don’t always have a place in your story.

~ Motivation that goes no where ~ Posting inspirational quotes about writing and dreams and goals and all that is wonderful (and – CONFESSION – I do it.) But at some point, that doesn’t mean anything. You need to be doing, not simply inspiring yourself. There’s a time for encouragement and then there’s a time to let that encouragement spur you onwards and upwards.

~ Being too heavily influenced by other authors ~ I’ve learned not to work on important scenes, or much writing at all really, when I’m in the middle of book I really love…especially if I really admire the writing style. You don’t want to let yourself accidentally/unconsciously be too influenced by another writer, so much so that you find yourself copying ideas rather than being inspired by them.

~ Forgetting the purpose of it all ~ Don’t ever become so wrapped up in the tiny plot details of your story that you forget why you’re writing it in the first place. I’m so easily discouraged, so easily led astray from the stories I have created and love dearly. Don’t forget. Don’t ever let yourself forget.


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