A blog post in which I inspire

Actually, let me re-phrase that, Beautiful People. I’m going to try and inspire.


No…never mind. I’m not. I’m just going to post some lovely pictures from Pinterest and pretend that I’m being creative and artsy.

Sometimes I think that our minds are crazy. Loud. 

They are.

But quiet rests there too.

And even in those small moments, the ones some might call insignificant, we realize there’s something more. We know there is.


We’re always looking for beauty. We never stop.

Not really. Not ever. 

Our hearts yearn for it. 

YeArN. On and on. And on.

But what if it’s there, right there. near. close.


Looking beyond. That’s what we’re best at. Always forward. Clinging behind. But now. now.

It’s slipping, past.



We cry. Often. We laugh. Often. We do everything, often.

Except. ExCePt. except.

Do we live.



never let me go



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