A blog post in which I remember

I am a dreamer, Beautiful People.

That is what I declared myself to be on my very first blog post.

I want to encourage you today to be a dreamer too.

An ACTIVE dreamer.

Because active dreamers grasp those dreams, hold onto ideas that might seem fleeting, might seem unattainable, and make them, make them something real.

I find myself brokenhearted by those who always say they are going to do this or that. Then years slip by, and the same words are there, those same, empty words. “I WILL DO THIS. I WANT TO DO THAT.”

Many times, those people have never moved past the dream stage.

It takes so much bravery to step into what I want to call the grey world. This  grey world is a place that’s completely unknown, that promises nothing, but…

But there.

There is where your fulfilled dreams lie. They may look different then you imagined them, envisioned them, hoped for them to be.

But they are there. Completed.


The idea of believing that your dreams will come true isn’t enough. It never will be. You have to take steps to find that dream, and then never stop pursuing it until it is accomplished. What if it takes your whole life to accomplish, you make ask? Then what an awesome story you’ll have to tell. What a deeply beautiful, fully lived life you’ll have had. You don’t need a million dreams accomplished. Sometimes, that lingering one is enough. More than enough.

We’re all dreamers. The more I live, the more I believe dreaming is something intricately woven into a human being’s existence.

When I was choosing an illustration for this blog post, I finally decided on the one above because it screams vibrancy and beauty. People often say that is what dreams are made of.

And it’s true.

It is also what life is made of.

Remember that, Darlings.

The grey world awaits you. Don’t be afraid.




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